Collection and processing are undertaken by trained employees ensuring compliance with cGMP procedures in USDA inspected abattoirs and FDA licensed manufacturing facility. No preservatives are used and temperatures are carefully monitored at all times.

After collection, the clotted blood undergoes refrigerated centrifugation.

Prior to final pooling, each 3.5 L jug is the subject of numerous tests to ensure compliance with product specification. Each is tested for: Endotoxins level, pH, Osmolarity, Virus contamination and Hemoglobin. Approved serum is pooled in a 1000 L refrigerated vat for filtration.

Fetal bovine serum is triple 0.1m filtered in a validated class 100 environment. All other sera are 0.2m filtered. The serum is then filtered aseptically into pre-sterilized PETG bottles and the finished product is then quick-frozen.

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